Associazione Culturale Radio Ros Brera, Milano

Radio Ros Brera is a teller of music and life in a real living context.
Our Music Selection wants to tell the European the music production offering to the listeners a vast and fluid horizon of musicians, styles and passions.

The Cultural cohesion in the troubled times we live has to be fostered implementing a constant exploration and inclusion of arts, voices and sounds of our Union and of the people of other nations living in our land and producing music, arts and meanings.
Connecting in a single stream the personal efforts of thousands of Musicians is our daily work.

The Conversations you are listening are European citizens engaged in the daily effort to provoke changes  in the social context or they are normal people telling stories about what makes us Human.

Radio Ros Brera is not a commercial entity rather is an endeavor propelled by media people devoted to the ethical purpose of discovering, disseminating and supporting through the channel of the webradio REAL TALENT of REAL PEOPLE in the REAL WORLD.

The Founders of  Radio Ros Brera

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L’intervista andrà in rotazione in radio in tutto il mondo per 90giorni e resterà disponibile nel nostro podcast.
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